APSCO Hosts Annual Kick-Off meeting

At the service of its customers since 1960

APSCO launches its 2020 business program

Jeddah February 10, 2020: The Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) held its annual meeting at Crown Plaza Hotel Jeddah, in the presence of Mr. Mohammed Alireza, CEO and Managing Director of the company, in addition to the company's senior managers and employees, in order to review the achievements it has achieved through the tangible superiority in the percentage of sales in addition to its success in implementing all items of the marketing plan developed by the company for the year 2019.

This event has become an annual event for the company's senior managers to meet their employees as one family, during this meeting they discussed the goals that they are looking for to achieve in 2020 under the slogan "We are honored to serve you since 1960" to reflect the commitment of all employees in the company with the same goal of customer service and satisfaction as well as meeting their requirements.

The annual meeting was well organized by the Marketing Department, forming a family interaction for all employees of the company, as well as witnessed the celebration, for the first time, the participation of the women's section in the event management. During the event, managers of departments reviewed the plans implemented last year and the goals achieved, especially in relation with sales in local and international markets.

Meanwhile, Khalid Al-Tayeb, General Manager for Lubricants and Specialties, outlined the successes and achievements of 2019 in terms of sales and development of marketing plans that were set out at the beginning of last year. He, as well, demonstrated the company's plans, strategies and goals for the year 2020. In his address, Al-Tayeb stressed that the goals that APSCO seeks to accomplish during the new year are many, and confirmed that everyone in the fellowship is squared off, as usual, to implement all projects produced with precision and control.

During the meeting, the new group of female employees, who joined the company, were welcomed, noting that the company is very keen to grant the women the opportunity to take over the responsibility in all departments, including the administration, the financial and the technical departments. Also during the event, a number of employees who demonstrated a remarkable performance during the past year, as well as some of the employees who have spent many years in the company were honored, and the management presented to them valuable gifts on this occasion