APSCO Aviation

Why APSCO Aviation

Regarded as one of the cores of APSCO’s operations, the Aviation segment is a leading catalyst for APSCO’s future growth. APSCO holds a leadership position in aviation fuel handling services with over 50 years of experience. APSCO is the first and largest private sector company in the Aviation fueling sector in Saudi Arabia. We have established a well-earned reputation for quality, safety, fuel logistics and supply chains. The segment leverages the group’s strategic position through supply and trading operation, thereby ensuring profitable supply economics integration with APSCO’s asset position.

Saudi airports, using the joint inspection Group (JIG), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards, and the latest technologies and fueling equipment. APSCO also manages 20 depots at international, regional and domestic airports across Saudi Arabia.

APSCO’s aviation division is backed by world-class capabilities in every aspect of our supply chain.

What We Do

  • Trading of Petroleum Products
  • Into-plane fueling services
  • Hydrant system operations
  • Fuel farm operation in airports across the Kingdom
  • Fuel transportation
  • Commissioning of fueling equipment’s and repair work
  • Providing Technical & Marketing Support to other parties
  • Refueling Missions
  • Fueling equipment’s spare parts
  • Design and construction of fuel depots
in KSA
Dedicated &

Competitive Advantages

  • APSCO has 55 years of experience in into-plane refueling operations.
  • APSCO has a proven commitment to the highest levels of safety and environmental practices throughout the organization.
  • APSCO is always striving for continuous improvement in all facets of its operations and activities.
  • APSCO has developed all its business processes to maximize customer satisfaction and ensure high quality and safety operations.
  • APSCO implements cost reduction initiatives to deliver cost-effective operations.
  • APSCO offers effective credit terms and attractive customer incentive programs.
  • APSCO adopts unified quality, operations, maintenance, and safety procedures at all of its airports.


APSCO believes in a zero-incident and zero injury policy at all levels within the organization. This is achieved by creating a safety awareness culture and encouraging employees and contractors to adhere to policies, procedures, standards, and best practices, everywhere and at all times.

The objective of Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management System (HSSEMS) is to ensure that working conditions and practices are established as recommended to achieve a healthy, safe, secure, and incident-free operation. The protection and physical well-being of our employees and assignees, contractors, customers, the general public and the environment is our first priority. 

Quality Assurance

As APSCO Aviation is considered the largest private company in the region therefore to implement all the related policies and procedures in its true spirit, continuous engagement of leadership with the workforce is being ensured through site visits, internal inspections, peer reviews and follow up audits. Annual reviews of policies and procedures are also ensured to keep the documents updated.