Maintenance & Quality Control


Due to APSCO’s wide network (around 30 locations) that are operated by approximately 250 refueling equipment and service vehicles a constant maintenance of facilities and equipment is required. In order to prioritize timely, efficient and safe refuelling operation, APSCO dedicate a highly trained and professional employs, technically sound and competent staff to conduct routine and periodic preventive maintenance checks as per manufacturer and JIG recommendations as well as corrective maintenance as and when required.

APSCO is a fully JIG compliant and associate member that considers the quality of fuel to be paramount, upholding the highest standard of fuel quality throughout every stage of its operation. Checking and testing at every stage, between batch deliveries from refinery and wingtip, APSCO Quality control system religiously follows the stringent regulations listed as per IATA, JIG & ISO which employ testing methodologies from API, EI and ASTM standards. This ensures that safe and on specification fuel is uplifted to the aircraft.

In addition to providing maintenance to company facilities and equipment, APSCO maintenance department offers technical and professional services (e.g Meter Calibration, PCV testing, inspection and audits) to other companies Locally and internationally.

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