Fuel Transportation

APSCO has an extensive experience in supervising and selecting the best contactors in the fuel transportation field based on stringent factors including -but not limited to- Safety, Preventative maintenance programs, maintaining Quality of delivered product, transporter training programs and number of fleet.

With more than 50 years in the field of supervising fuel logistics, APSCO has concluded many strategic alliances with the most qualified and reputable fuel transporters. Currently APSCO is utilizing Alireza Delta Transport Company Ltd. (ADTC) (sister company) for fuel transportation services facilitating its resources of manpower and equipment to deliver JET fuel to all operated fuel depots in the airports around the kingdom conducting more than 8,800 trips to deliver around 371.3 Million Liters per year safe secure and on time, in addition to sudden fuel transportation orders on temporary periods for short time missions.

Alireza Delta Transport Company Ltd. (ADTC) has successfully obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate and also qualified and accepted by Saudi ARAMCO based on their standards and regulation as APSCO’s transportation contract to perform transport services form Saudi ARAMCO fuel bulk plants to all airports fuel depots operated by APSCO.

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