Aviation Fueling Standards

The License of ground handling services operators and providers “GACAR Part 151”. Thus, APSCO became the first Company to acquire this License in the field of supplying aircraft with fuel in the Kingdom, which is aligned with the latest Aviation international standards, and in-line with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

APSCO complied with all conditions and necessary requirements to acquire the license of ground handling services operators and providers “GACAR Part 151”, through adopting the standards and the company’s operational systems, making tests for the Department Managers, including the adoption of the following operational manuals:

  • Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operations Manual (AFQCOM)
  • Compliance with the rules and systems of aviation security
  • Aviation Training Manual (SM) and Aviation Safety Management System Manual (SMSM).
  • Aviation Quality Control and Site Operating Procedure Manual (AFQC & SOPM)


APSCO prides itself on delivering top quality and services to our clients. With a longstanding reputation, qualified personnel, and JIG certification, we guarantee smooth and safe operations. Chief among our quality standards are the provision and implementation of JIG and APSCO Fuel Quality Control and Operations Standards by qualified staff, and the periodic inspection of facilities to assess against latest industry standards, ensuring that facility adheres to ISO, IATA, and JIG standards. By emphasizing these two major aspects, we guarantee smooth and safe operations.


Our services meet and exceed industry standards to provide our clientele with safe and effective solutions. We establish preventative measures to minimize incidents and deliver high-quality results. By doing so we help prevent, detect, and remedy aircraft fuel contamination, while providing technical assistance, direction, and support for effective management while addressing operational problems and maintaining consistent product quality.

In addition, our product quality monitoring systems support our clients, from the refinery to aircraft. This is done through testing schedules, data interpretation, microbiological growth detection, along with assistance in the correction and remediation of off-grade product. Our dedication and commitment to safety is self-evident when studying the methods we employ to safeguard our products.

Our expertise is shared through various means in order to keep the community aware of trends, conferences, and safety measures, through consistent dissemination of JIG and IATA bulletins.

APSCO employs HSSE and Quality Management systems to ensure fuel safety through the supply chain, making sure it reaches the customer aircraft reliably and safely. Throughout the delivering process, stringent quality control checks are conducted at various stages, confirming that the fuel delivered to customers remain intact.