Aviation Fuel Handling


With over 50 years of experience, APSCO has been maintaining a leading position in aviation handling services industry within the kingdom. APSCO is the largest and the oldest serving private sector company in Saudi Arabia with well-earned reputation for its quality, safety and fulfillments of customers’ requirements. Since Its establishment in 1961, APSCO's vision is to be a world class organization and maintain its leading position in the regional market and its participation in JIG is globally well recognized.

  • Into-plan operations:

    One of APSCO’s valuable assets is operations team, more than 400 highly qualified and experienced employees, operating more than 220 dedicated equipment are scattered around the kingdom in all locations to provide our customers with into-plan services conducting average of 180,000 operations per year delivering 3.2 billion liters of high quality Jet fuel safe, on time and complying with all local and international standards.

  • Aviation Fuel Depots operations:

    APSCO is managing and operating 22 fuel depots in the airports across the Kingdom. Since last decade as part of APSCO’s continuous improvement and best management of fuel depots number of upgrade and expansions were made to these depots to insure fulfill of current and future operation needs of Jet fuel. Currently the storage capacity were able to handle around 0.4 Billion liter per year of Jet fuel.

  • Hydrant System operations:

    In APSCO’s long years of experience hydrant system operations took part of it ether in direct management and operate or providing technical support (designing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, upgrade and expansion) all these services are provided in line with APSCO Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operations Standards Manual (AAFQCOSM) in addition to that APSCO has signed Technical Service Agreement with one of the global leaders in the Aviation fuel systems consultations and designs field (HANSA Consulting). Some of APSCO’s previous experiences in handling the hydrant systems were in number of military bases and participating in the commissioning of new sections of hydrant systems in KAIA, KFIA, PMIA & KKIA.



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