APSCO featured in Armbrust’s aviation news as a global aviation leader

Through its dedication and best practice methods, APSCO was honored with a news article in Armbrust’s website, praising its involvement in the aviation industry. The piece summarized the event and highlighted APSCO as the first JIG member to have all its sites in the IJS Program and the first jet fuel handler to receive the GACAR 151 license, by General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). This is a permit that recognizes that the recipient is aligned with the latest Aviation international standards and in-line with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, effectively allowing them supply of fuel to aircrafts in the Kingdom. Armbrust’s article also drew attention to the fact that the license obtained, which is required for all into-plane operators, certified that all operators were registered and met the JIGS’s inspection standards program (IJS). APSCO became an early adopter of the IJS process, whereupon an approved JIG inspector visits each facility every year to ensure consistency and compliance with the highest aviation standards.