APSCO participates in awareness campaign for female students of Dar Al-Hekma University

Introducing safe driving entitled “Drive with Confidence and Determination”

Jeddah, November 2019: Dar Al-Hekma University, represented by the School of Business and Law, launched yesterday an awareness campaign to prepare its female students and faculty members to drive cars safely under the auspices of the Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO/Mobil).

A delegation from the Arabian Petroleum Supply Company attended the event under the leadership of Eng. Kamal El-Din Hussein, General Manager of Sales, who was accompanied by a number of sales and marketing managers as well as engineers.

The campaign was launched based on the School’s continuous endeavor to promote the effective participation of its employees in the labor market, including driving and its related aspects. The campaign included an introductory lecture on the different types of motor oils and the difference between them. The lecture also featured a detailed presentation on Mobil oils, in particular Mobil 1 full synthetic oil of the highest international quality that is recommended by the world's leading automobile manufacturers.

The lecture addressed the importance of selecting and using the appropriate type of high-quality engine oil in order to extend the car engine’s life, and to contribute to reducing energy consumption and maintaining a clean environment.

One of APSCO/Mobil’s specialized engineers explained the steps for changing the oil though Mobil mobile unit with the participation of qualified technical staff at the customer’s location “Change your engine oil in front of your house”.

Al Rajhi Bank, the United Cooperative Assurance Company and the Jeddah Advanced Driving School also presented a comprehensive idea about learning to drive, how to finance buying a car and car insurance. During the event, a number of female students were able to overcome the fear of sitting behind the wheel for the first time, and had the opportunity to enjoy the driving experience through virtual reality. The experience has attracted a large number of female attendees of different age groups, where it presented exciting interactive experiences of a device that simulates reality and draws important details for all those who want to drive safely.


Dr. Amal El-Tigani, Dean, Hekma School of Business and Law, talked about the event and started by encouraging the female attendees to drive saying: “Drive with confidence and determination”. She then talked about the university’s social responsibility and its continuous endeavor to activate the role of women in the service of society in all aspects in order to achieve Saudi Vision 2030, including driving, where she informs and educates female students and faculty members about the importance of women driving their car safely, in addition to the preventive methods to avoid accidents. She also gave the participants many tips on safe driving and road traffic safety, and trained them systematically and safely before the actual driving after obtaining their driving license.

She pointed out the role of Dar Al-Hekma University in this area, following the entry of Saudi women in this field, after implementation of the order issued that allowed them to drive, and said: “Since the issuance of the order, we have been keen to make further effort and provide sufficient attention for the success of this experience.”

The event was a great success, and the participants stressed that it is in line with the university's ambitious mission to graduate accomplished women, leaders and entrepreneurs, emphasizing that behind every steering wheel (a female leader), which is an integral part of Saudi Vision 2030 which aims at empowering women and activating their leading role in national development.

The event emphasized and highlighted the role of the University in building communication bridges between academic institutions and the labor market.