APSCO hosts BCP & Crises Management Webinar to disseminate information regarding BCP & Crises Management

With the current pandemic at hand, APSCO is still committed to its employees and business activities. This was exemplified in the webinar session on May 14, 2020, where APSCO TSA customers were invited to join the discussion. APSCO’s Fuels HSSE & Training Manager, Eng. Muhammad Azam Siddiqui elaborated on ways to assist TSA customers by putting into action plans to continue operational activities, while also taking safety measures to prevent future threat. The Webinar covered an array of topics including the link between ERP, BCP and CMP, the Business Continuity Plan & Crisis Management Plan and the required actions in the event of future threat. The webinar session was concluded with a Q&A segment, where participants were able to direct their question to Eng. Muhammad Azam Siddiqui, to ensure clear and concise understanding of the plans implemented.

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