Al Wedjh is the honored recipient of the Global Recognition for Continued and Sustainable Outstanding Performance.

with JIG, the Civil Aviation Authorities, and industry partners to make sure that industry standards are followed and that JIG worldwide standards are adhered to.

This certification provides assurance to airline customers by showing that the recipient adheres to the latest standards in fuelling operations, and therefore is safe and reliable in all aspects. APSCO would like to extend a proud congratulations to all involved for their commitment, hard work, compliance with standards, and overall work ethic that has allowed us to receive this prestigious award. APSCO was one of the few JIG who managed to conduct onsite inspection during 2020, but with our commitment and teamwork, we achieved this goal and will receive the formal certificate at next year’s JIG meeting.

Congratulations on your dedication and teamwork which continues to bring APSCO honor and pride and being the shining example and setting high industry standards as a leader in our field.