ASPCO sets the stage for the AACO 10th Aviation Fuel Forum

Kicking off the AACO 10th annual Aviation Fuel Forum, APSCO contributed its vast knowledge in a variety of workshops to promote sustainability methods within the scope of the Aviation fueling Industry. The event took place on October 5 and 6 via Zoom, and brought together multiple members of the airline industry. Of these notable members, Chairman of the AFAG Dr. Azzam Qari and numerous industry experts gave their inputs regarding subject matters such as Sustainability basics in aviation and aviation fueling, the economic implications, and the Economic Outlooks surrounding the theme, along with panel discussions held by esteemed dignitaries. Forum key theme throughout the event was to promote the interest and benefit of pushing for social responsibility and conducting ethical business that align with best environmental practices. Furthermore, APSCO outlined a series of practical steps as a roadmap to how these practices could be implemented and achieved.