Technical Services

APSCO provide a range of technical services to help keep your machines running at peak efficiency while also extending machine and oil life, reducing downtime and lowering operating costs.

1. Dedicated Team

  • Sales Support
  • Technical Services Engineer

2. Oil Analysis & Condition Monitoring Support:

We are providing a comprehensive program on this service which includes:

  • Field Test kits and Lube Oil Analysis service from APSCO Jeddah Lab.
  • Mobilserv Lab Oil Analysis Services from EGYPT & Netherlands.
  • Research & Investigative lab services from Canada.


3. Planned Engineering Services

APSCO are providing this service to our strategic accounts.

4. Mobil Clinics:

In co-ordination with your engineers, Lubrication training programs are conducted at your site to familiarize your operating personals on the important intrinsic qualities of Mobil’s various lubricants and lubrication practices. Such programs, we are confident will assist in reducing your operating costs, increase productivity and help prevent misapplication or mishandling of products.

These training programs would cover the topics but not limited to:

  • lubrication fundamentals,
  • lube oil refining Technology,
  • Additives Properties & Specifications,
  • Hydraulic Applications and Oils,
  • Gear lubrication, Gear Inspection programs,
  • Greases and Applications,
  • Lubricants storage & handling and other related topics.

These programs are effective for all your technical/maintenance and store personals.